From the Desk of Brian Nelson

Dear fellow business owners and marketing managers:

Marketing has changed drastically in the past 5-10 years.  Gone are the days when the only way to reach new customers involved “printing” something.  The world around us has gone digital.

CFE stands for Cash Flow Engines.  The more Cash Flow Engines you start and keep running, the more money your business will make.  Our focus is developing Cash Flow Engine Marketing Systems for local businesses leveraging these new “Digital Marketing Machines”.

Telemarketing and Direct Marketing Services


Co-founded Interactive Teleservices. Helped grow business with annual sales over $10 million dollars. Worked on numerous projects including Fortune 500 companies such as GE, Time Life, Providian Financial and many others. Sold interests in 1999 to pursue Internet interests.

Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing

Co-Authored Internet Marketing Bootcamp, Helped grow the SFI Marketing Group from about 200,000 affiliates to over 8 million. Helped develop and grow Full-Circle Success to over 25,000 paying members. Private labeled many products including communication services, internet services and nutrition products. Developed various online and offline marketing tools and resources. FCS is now known as International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs.

Website Development

Developed complex website solutions using open source technologies such as Drupal and WordPress including custom PHP modules, server clustering and cloud computing.

  • Daytime Confidential is a popular site generating over one million page views per month consistently for several years running on Drupal
  • Witness Through Fitness is a wordpress site used to promote and manage events that is also integrated with Facebook using Open Graph Meta Tags.


Fundraising Campaigns

Developed local fundraising programs for local charities that involved organizing groups of businesses to provide discounts and free products.  Certificates were designed to provide repeat visits to participating businesses.

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Features businesses such as Godfathers Pizza, The Steak House, HyVee, DQ Grill & Chill, Gloria Deo, Highlands Golf Course, Hangers Cleaners, Anytime Fitness, Belmont Veterinary Center, Champions Fun Center, daVinci’s, Down The Hatch, QP Ace Hardware, Husker Headquarters and many others.

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Features businesses such as Amigos, Burger King, Highlands Great Wall, Schlotzsky’s, Taco Inn, Eileen’s Cookies, Toast and other businesses.

Pro Bono Charitable Campaigns

Developed several promotional campaigns for North American Martyrs Catholic Church while serving on the Parish Council.  This led to joining the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln Diocesan Evangelization Committee.  Included website development, event management and designing various printed promotional materials including brochures, posters and t-shirts.

2014 T-Shirt Backside

 As co-coordinator I have helped organize the annual Witness Through Fitness Special Needs Fundraiser.  It was partially inspired by my daughter who has Down syndrome.  You can learn more about it here: http://www.wtfsnf.com/nam/how-it-started/ I have worked with many businesses to secure sponsorships and promote the event.  Each year the event has raised over $10,000 for the families that are selected as Honorees.

Please Join Us

Never before has marketing been so exciting.  It changes so fast today. Google, Facebook and Mobile marketing IS the key for local businesses to Attract, Retain, Convert and Satisfy new and existing customers. Our Cash Flow Engine focus can help you capitalize on the new local alternative marketing opportunities.  I hope to work with you to dramatically improve the performance of your business.

Successfully Yours,


Brian Nelson

P.S. If you have questions that haven’t been answered on the site send an email to bnelson(at)cfesystems.com

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