CFE Systems does NOT want to be your local ad agency, web developer or marketing consultant. While we can provide these services, we don’t focus on working with just a few clients that will pay us top rates.

Instead, we focus our creative talents and energies into products that can be provided to the vast majority of small local businesses.  Many local businesses can not afford the rates typically charged by traditional agencies and consultants.

We firmly believe in the old adage:

“Feed a man a fish, feed him for a day.  

Teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”

Philosophical Difference

The CFE Difference

CFE Systems specializes in the “Do-It-Together” and “Do-It-Yourself” approach for local businesses.  We generally let the traditional agencies handle the clients who can afford the 100% “Done For You” approach.

Our “Do-It-Together” Approach Consists of:

Group Promotions.  CFE  develops creative marketing promotions for a small group of businesses rather than creating a marketing campaign for just one client.  This divides the cost of the promotion among all the participants drastically reducing costs.

Templates.  CFE designs and creates marketing templates.  Altering these templates is more cost effective than building something from scratch.  Many times businesses can alter the templates on their own saving even more money.

Blueprints and Startup Plans.  Blueprints contain the essential info and the big picture about each promotion.  It helps business owners understand the potential return on their investment of time and/or money.  The blueprint also helps the business owner choose what parts they can delegate to internal staff.

Team Training.  CFE provides various resources to empower your staff to handle the basic administration of your digital marketing campaigns.  This includes video tutorials, weekly coaching sessions and various other resources.

Our “Do-It-Together” Approach

CFE Systems provides the following advantages to its members:

  • Tools – A CFE Membership provides a variety of digital marketing tools for a low monthly fee.
  • Technique – CFE combines proven techniques into easy-to-implement promotions.
  • Training – CFE can train your staff to manage your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Templates – CFE creates various templates to reduce costs and implementation time.
  • Technology – CFE keeps businesses competitive with the latest technologies.
  • Talent – For tasks businesses can’t do, CFE can provide or arrange various talents as needed.
  • Time – CFE reduces the time required through training, templates and outsourcing.
  • Treasure – CFE lowers costs with a different approach that is affordable for small businesses.

CFE Systems empowers businesses to use today’s “digital marketing machines”.  Each digital marketing machine is like an engine that is working to generate more new customers and sales.

The CFE Advantage

We believe that it can be dangerous to outsource all of your digital marketing needs (even if your business can afford it).  Your business has a personality.  It’s important your business keeps in control of your unique online identity and reputation.

Did you know we now provide the majority of our services through the Five Star Marketing Club?  We created the club to bring together agencies and consultants to offer their services at wholesale rates to other agencies and local businesses.  Learn more about why you should join.