CFE Systems primarily develops packages of services and products that have a flat one-time fee or monthly fee.  Typically our packaged services and products are complete with customized graphics, software installation, configuration and marketing materials.

CFE provides a toolbox of digital marketing tools for a low monthly fee.  Some of these tools may involve a “start up” fee to cover costs associated with graphics, training and other resources required.

Our Rates

Typically the optional services below are not required.  Basic tasks can be handled by client’s own staff.  Many businesses already have logos and other graphics available to use in template customization.

Optional Services Available

Sometimes a client may desire additional services outside of the scope of work and may not have a relationship with a local graphic designer, web developer or marketing agency.  In these cases, CFE Systems can provide a variety of services on a per project basis.

Website Assistance

All the general clerical and computer work that’s required for adding/updating content and other related tasks an assistant would perform – $45 per hour.

Website Management

Website maintenance & updates,wordpress administration, basic search engine optimization, technical support – $75 per hour.

Developer, Designer & Creative Services

Custom website design, customized website programming, advanced search engine optimization, copywriting, social media optimization, online graphics, marketing collateral, etc. — starting at $95 per hour.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital marketing strategy development, creation of offers, integrated marketing and sales strategies, social media and search engine optimization strategies, web development & database work — starting at $150 per hour

Did you know we now provide the majority of our services through the Five Star Marketing Club?  We created the club to bring together agencies and consultants to offer their services at wholesale rates to other agencies and local businesses.  Learn more about why you should join.